sabato 11 ottobre 2014

ENDLESS NOSTALGIA - Live Montagnana 18 08 84

Live in Montagnana,  18 08 1984
[TLOTG bootleg # 01]

1    life without cushons
2    your casual way
3    passed me by
4    burns up in fever
5    yellow leaves recover to die
6    rhythm of your heart
7    memories of the night before
8    me and my alter ego
9    secret pride

link bootleg#01

audience recording.
nonostante la band avesse pubblicato e distribuito tapes sul passaparola, alcune canzoni erano molto conosciute. basta ascoltare il pubblico all'inizio di "me and my alter ego" per avere un'idea.
buon ascolto.

audience recording.
despite the band had published and distributed tapes on word of mouth, some songs were well known. just listen to the audience at the start of "me and my alter ego" to get an idea.

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