venerdì 3 aprile 2020

Happy Birthday 39th ENDLESS NOSTALGIA !

Happy 39th Anniversary ENDLESS NOSTALGIA!

For this birthday, the first "TWO DAYS OF LIGHT" cassette / album will be available for free until 15.04.2020
on Bandcamp


domenica 29 marzo 2020

BI NOSTALGIA - The last rays of Sunset (video from Falco Ranuli)

Un video di Falco Ranuli
per un brano tratto da "THE KING IN YELLOW"

un grande grazie a Falco, gloomer ad honorem!

domenica 23 febbraio 2020

ENDLESS NOSTALGIA - Small Domestic Tunes CD on bandcamp

Cassingles, Demos + Incomplete last tracks
Recorded at the Room, between 1986 & 1989
Bi Nostalgia     vocals, programming
David e.H.    synthetizers

Remastered by Bi Nostalgia, June 2014-April 2016
Artwork re-modeled by Giuseppe Verticchio

LUKE X's AH NAHM Inc. - Zapping Melodies of the 21st Century (an instrumental introduction to the)

on Bandcamp

Written & Produced by LUKE X's AH NAHM
Recorded between February-October 1991 at The Room
Mixed by LUKE X's AH NAHM & Simone Mancini, September 1992

LUKE X        synthetizers, programming, samplers
BOB        samplers, additional programming
URIZEL        samplers, synthetizers, tapes

Original artwork by Jupiter Jones & Urizel

Remixed & Remastered by Bi Nostalgia, March/April 2016
Artwork re-modeled by Giuseppe Verticchio

THEE THREE RINGS - Sect. One - A Release of Power [2CD] "Imaginary folk music for ritual's ambients"

Tapes, records, percussions, instruments, treatments
Re-created and performed by:

special guests on "About chorus of tears":
* by R's B courtesy

Mixed by Bi Nostalgia & Urizel at the Room, August 1985

Remastered by Bi Nostalgia, March 2016
Artwork re-modeled by Giuseppe Verticchio