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BI NOSTALGIA - Clear and NOT Clear [tracking list]


BI NOSTALGIA - Clear and NOT Clear

[CD1 Clear Songs]
 Half Souls
 The Love Box
 Find Me
 Your Casual Way
 Tell me that you love me
 Destiny of Civilian 
 Drinking with myself
 One Kiss without Lips
 Time is a Slot Machine
 Thrill, as usual
 Clear and Not Clear
 Each One Drawn
 Year of the Child 
 Art is NOT much

[CD2 not Clear] instrumental disc

 Dance of the Pessimism
 A Silent Day
 Decline and Passion
 Snowing Sea
 The act of killing himself
 The Inevitable Collapse 
 Without noise 
 The Seeping Mouth 
 Runaway horses 
 Dal Deserto 
 Puja Kotha
 Il Dono delle lacrime
 Tre Forme di Pensiero
 Mineraldni Vodi
 Realtà separate 
 The Total Spleen (except)
 Le Statue d'Acqua (con Alberto Fiori Carones) *

A - from "Anthems for Losers", 1984
B- from "Dances of the Pessimism", 1984
C - from "The Seeping Mouth", 1985
D - from "Cathedrals EP", 1985
E - from "Art IS not much", 1986
F - from "Philokalia", 1987
G - Unreleased Track, 2005

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